Food Prep Helper jobs in Palisade Boulevard, DuPont, WA

 Food Prep Helper Jobs in Palisade Boulevard, DuPont, WA

Discover exciting opportunities as a Food Prep Helper in Palisade Boulevard, DuPont, WA. Join Sodexo, where the experience is not just a job, but a chance to be part of something greater. This part-time position offers a competitive pay range of $16.78 – $17.28 per hour, along with a comprehensive benefits package. Explore how your skills align with the vibrant world of Sodexo and make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Job Details:

Located at 1700 Palisade Boulevard, DuPont, WA 98327, this role involves working at STEILACOOM – Chloe Clark Elementary – 51955001. As a Food Prep Helper, you’ll play a crucial role in the preparation and service of a vibrant cafe menu. Your responsibilities include maintaining cleanliness, ensuring a tidy workspace, and delivering welcoming customer service.

What We Offer:

Sodexo values its employees and provides a full array of benefits, including paid time off, holidays, medical, dental, vision, tuition reimbursement, and 401k. Enjoy a flexible and dynamic work environment, competitive compensation, ongoing training, and countless opportunities for growth within the company. Bonus eligibility, meal allowance, uniform provision, and public transportation options may vary by location.

Role Overview:

  • Job Duties: The Food Prep Helper primarily works in the kitchen, supporting food production and maintaining cleanliness. Duties may vary based on business needs and client requirements.
  • Impactful Service: Your positive attitude, strong teamwork, and commitment to maintaining a healthy and safe environment contribute to the welcoming atmosphere that defines Sodexo.

Full Job Description and Benefit Summaries:

For a detailed understanding of job responsibilities and benefits, refer to the full job description and benefit summaries provided by Sodexo. The company strives to offer comprehensive employee benefits, though specifics may vary based on the unit and location.

Your Contribution:

Bring strong teamwork, a positive attitude, adaptability, a willingness to learn, and a passion for maintaining a healthy and safe environment. Join Sodexo and become an essential part of a team where you can act with purpose and thrive in your own unique way.


Elevate your career by joining Sodexo as a Food Prep Helper in DuPont, WA. This opportunity not only offers competitive pay and a vibrant work environment but also allows you to be part of a company where you can make a meaningful impact every day. Apply now and be part of something greater at Sodexo.


1. What qualifications are required for Food Prep Helper Jobs at Sodexo?

  • Qualifications may vary, but typically, Sodexo seeks individuals with a positive attitude, strong teamwork skills, adaptability, and a passion for maintaining a healthy and safe environment.

2. Can you provide more details about the benefits offered for Food Prep Helper positions at Palisade Boulevard, DuPont, WA?

  • Sodexo offers a comprehensive benefits package, including paid time off, holidays, medical, dental, vision, tuition reimbursement, and 401k. Specific details may vary by location, so candidates are encouraged to inquire during the interview process.

3. How does Sodexo support employee growth and development within the company?

  • Sodexo provides access to ongoing training and development programs, offering countless opportunities for employees to grow within the company. The dynamic work environment and competitive compensation contribute to a supportive atmosphere for career advancement.

4. What distinguishes the work environment at Sodexo, and how does it contribute to employee satisfaction?

  • Sodexo prides itself on creating a flexible and dynamic work environment where employees are valued for being themselves. The company emphasizes acting with purpose and offers a range of benefits to enhance employee satisfaction, including bonus eligibility and meal allowances.

5. How can interested candidates apply for Food Prep Helper Jobs at Palisade Boulevard, DuPont, WA in 2024?

  • The application process for Sodexo positions typically involves submitting an online application. Interested candidates can follow the application instructions provided by Sodexo. Details may include attending interviews and meeting specific requirements outlined in the job listing.


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